“Tete d’Or Park” tour 2h : A TOUR TO GET AWAY

The “Tête d’Or Park” Segway tour takes you to nature two steps away from the city center. You can reach the 105-hectare park by the green way of the Rhône riverbanks. Whether it is the lake, the African plain or the botanical garden, you will discover the numerous surprises that contain the park. At last, you will finish the tour by visiting the International City and the Saône riverbanks.
In 2 hours, you will be practicing Segway off the beaten track and you will get away during an afternoon.

Points of interests

Bellecour square : the biggest pedestrian square in Europe is situated in the heart of the city. It was founded by Louis XIV that you can see on his horse in the middle of the square but without stirrup. It’s a place for appointments and events.

Tête d’Or Park : created “to give nature to those who cannot access it”, the Tête d’Or Park is a very popular place for the Lyonnais when sunny days return. They stroll around the rose garden and they can enjoy one of the many activities that are offered in the park.

The African plain : with a total surface of 2,5 hectares, the African plain was inaugurated in 2006 to offer more comfort to its residents. Today, 130 animals live between the savannah, the humid area and the tropical forest to the great delight of the animals and the visitors.

Rhône riverbanks : Green ways for pedestrians, the banks of the Rhône have become a major place for the Lyonnais. You can stroll quietly along the river admiring the Presqu’île, Fourvière and Croix-Rousse hills.


To make this ride even more special, we use funny machines called Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway PT is an electric vehicule composed of two parallel wheels and a reclining handelbar. Full of electronic, the machine balances thanks to the "dynamic stabilization" system. To move forward, you don’t need any acceleration pedal, you just have to lean forward and to move back or brake, you just have to lean backwards. Regarding the direction, the handlebar leans from left to right. 

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