“Historic” Segway tour 1h30 : A journey part of the UNESCO world heritage

The “historic” Segway tour is a journey across the ages which will make you discover the richness of the city. Within 1h30 of Segway go back in 2000 years of history and go off to explore the emblematic monuments of Lyon. From Sathonay to the Vieux Lyon via the Presqu’île and the Rhône riverbanks, the tour will take you to the different historic areas part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Points of interests

“des Lyonnais” fresco : monumental work created by the artists of “cité creation”, this 800 sq. m painted wall is one of the most famous in Lyon. You will see on the windows of this impressive “trompe l’oeil” the people of Lyon who have marked the centuries and who make this city great.
Terreaux square : Situated at the foot of the Croix-Rousse hills, the square is edged by the city hall and the Palais St Pierre which hosts the Fine Arts museum. The Bartholdi fountain and the Daniel Buren’s works give a monumental aspect to the square.

Bellecour square : the biggest pedestrian square in Europe is situated in the heart of the city. It was founded by Louis XIV that you can see on his horse in the middle of the square but without stirrup. It’s a place for appointments and events.

Vieux Lyon area : Situated at the foot of the Fourvière hill, the Vieux Lyon area is famous for its “traboules” and its Renaissance architecture. The St Jean Cathedral and St Georges and St Paul churches characterize the different areas of the Vieux Lyon, the historical center of the city.


To make this ride even more special, we use funny machines called Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway PT is an electric vehicule composed of two parallel wheels and a reclining handelbar. Full of electronic, the machine balances thanks to the "dynamic stabilization" system. To move forward, you don’t need any acceleration pedal, you just have to lean forward and to move back or brake, you just have to lean backwards. Regarding the direction, the handlebar leans from left to right. 

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