Is booking necessary ?
Yes, booking is necessary for each of our tours. Our tours being limited in number of people, the sooner you book, the better you will have a chance to get the most convenient slot.

How to book ?
You can book a tour by mail or by phone. According to the number of people, a deposit might be requested when booking.

When do I need to book ?
The sooner, the better ! (to have the most convenient slot…)

What is our cancellation policy ?
If you cancel your booking more than 72 h (3 days) in advance, the deposit will be fully reimbursed. In case of a cancellation between 72h and 24h before the activity, we propose the free rescheduling of the event. The deposit is kept.
In case of a cancellation on the day of the event, the amount deposited is lost with no possibility to reschedule the activity.

What happens in case of rain ?
Rain is not a problem to practice Segway. Consequently, our tours are maintained in case of rain. Please note that we put raincoats at your disposal.
How many people are there per tour ?
Groups can welcome a maximum of 8 people per tour with a supervisory guide. This is to ensure the fluidity of the group as well as the safety of riders.
For groups superior to 8 people, it’s possible to make the tour with 2 supervisory guides.

Which language is spoken during Segway tours ?
Our guides permanently speak French and English during the tours. If you wish to make a tour in another language, please contact us in order to find a suitable solution.

Is it possible to rent a Segway without a guide ?
For everyone’s safety, the Segway practice needs to be supervised. That’s why it’s not possible to rent a Segway without the presence of a professional guide.

Is it easy to ride a Segway ?
The practice and the learning process of the Segway are quite intuitive and easy, it’s consequently accessible to everyone. Moreover, before each tour, each participant will be individually trained in order to master the Segway and to make the most of the tour.
Can children ride a Segway ?
The minimum age to try Segway is 12 years old. For people aged below 18, the activity has to be supervised by an adult or with a written authorization from the parents. A non-accompanied minor without parental authorization will not be authorized to take a tour.

Are there counter arguments to the Segway practice ?
The recommendations from the builder indicate a minimum weight of 45 kg in order to be able to control the machine.
Also, the Segway practice is not authorized for pregnant women because it can be dangerous for the mother-to-be and the baby.
Moreover, everyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be able to take a tour with no reimbursement of the activity.

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