“Confluence area” tour 2h : A ride to be amazed

The “Confluence area” Segway tour will make you discover the Lyon of the 21st century. Meeting point of the two rivers (the Rhône and the Sâone), the Confluence area is a former industrial area which has been restored thanks to an innovative and audacious architectural program. In the south of the Presqu’île, an eco-district is being created where the contemporary architecture is mixing with industrial heritage. Take a ride in the middle of astonishing buildings in this new area privileging soft modes of transports and enjoy an urban glide ! 

Points of interests

Rhône riverbanks : To go to Confluence, you have to ride along the river. Follow the green way of the Rhône riverbanks reserved to soft modes until the new Raymond Barre bridge which offers a stunning view on the confluence. 

The nautical place : Around the harbor, the area looks like a marina with its original and colorful buildings by the waterside. In front of it you can see the mall whose architecture and design have been strongly inspired by the marine world. 

La Sucrière : built in the 30’s on the docks of the Rambaud port, this former sugar warehouse is today a major place for exhibit. A lot of cultural events and exhibits take place in this atypical place all year long.

Confluences museum : Situated at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône, the museum represents the South entry of the city. It’s a real technical achievement which won’t let you indifferent. This “cloud” is already an essential monument of the city.


To make this ride even more special, we use funny machines called Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway PT is an electric vehicule composed of two parallel wheels and a reclining handelbar. Full of electronic, the machine balances thanks to the "dynamic stabilization" system. To move forward, you don’t need any acceleration pedal, you just have to lean forward and to move back or brake, you just have to lean backwards. Regarding the direction, the handlebar leans from left to right. 

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