“Along the river” tour 1h30 : AN ILLUMINATED RIDE

Through this tour, the city reveals itself along the meanders of the rivers enhanced by a hint of “Fête des Lumières”.
With your Segway, go up the green way of the Rhône riverbanks and enjoy the overview on Fourvière and Croix-Rousse hills before reaching the Saône riverbanks to ride along the Vieux Lyon.
In between, enjoy a luminous interlude thanks to the new tunnel dedicated to soft modes of transports (inherited from the “Fête des Lumières”)

Points of interests

 Rhône riverbanks : Green way for pedestrians, the Rhône riverbanks have become a major place for the Lyonnais. You can stroll along the river admiring the Presqu’île and the hills for a relaxing and friendly moment.

 The tunnel : Exclusively dedicated to soft modes of transports, this tunnel enables to link up the Rhône and the Saône in a simply way. The illuminated creations which animate the tunnel offer different atmospheres that change all along the day. The tube celebrates the “fêtes des Lumières” every day.

The Saône meanders : Overlooked by the Fourvière and Croix-Rousse hills, the Saône is snaking languorously between the Vieux Lyon and the Presqu’île to reveal the historic heart of the city.


To make this ride even more special, we use funny machines called Segway Personal Transporter. The Segway PT is an electric vehicule composed of two parallel wheels and a reclining handelbar. Full of electronic, the machine balances thanks to the "dynamic stabilization" system. To move forward, you don’t need any acceleration pedal, you just have to lean forward and to move back or brake, you just have to lean backwards. Regarding the direction, the handlebar leans from left to right. 

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